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Republican Senator Mike Lee suggests Donald Trump could kill the Republican Party

Originally published at Rare As an original tea party organizer, I participated in our movement’s growth from an act of street protest into an organized, albeit decentralized political force. By 2010, we had managed to elect some of the most impressive liberty Republicans seen in generations. I was optimistic. Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Raul Labrador, […]

Progress on Criminal Justice Reform Represents the Positive Side of Bipartisanship

Originally published at Every Joe Bipartisanship is often a dirty word to libertarians. This may seem counterintuitive, seeing as we tend to agree with conservatives on many issues while siding with liberals on others. But when it comes to how Washington operates, bipartisanship typically represents Democrats and Republicans scheming to increase the power of the […]

ObamaCare at the SCOTUS, Day 2

Well, well. It certainly looks like ObamaCare underwent quite a critical analysis today in the Supreme Court. Listening to Solicitor General Donald Verrelli bend logic to defend this constitutionally questionable piece of legislation was interesting to say the least, and certainly, one of the more important aspects was the reactions from Justice Kennedy, who is […]

ObamaCare at the SCOTUS, Day One

As anyone who pays even a remote bit of attention to politics knows, the first oral arguments surrounding ObamaCare (Florida v. HHS) were heard in the Supreme Court today. As a result, I wanted to put together a brief summary of what’s at stake. There’s no doubt that the ruling in this case will set […]