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Republican Senator Mike Lee suggests Donald Trump could kill the Republican Party

Originally published at Rare As an original tea party organizer, I participated in our movement’s growth from an act of street protest into an organized, albeit decentralized political force. By 2010, we had managed to elect some of the most impressive liberty Republicans seen in generations. I was optimistic. Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Raul Labrador, […]

With Trump as the GOP nominee, some Republicans are looking to the Libertarian Party

Originally published at Rare After Trump’s win in Tuesday’s Republican primary, it became clear that there was no path to victory for the two remaining candidates. Ted Cruz dropped out that evening, and it was announced that John Kasich would suspend his campaign the following afternoon. In the wake of Trump’s final ascent, interest in […]

Bernie Sanders vs. The Superdelegates?

Originally published at EveryJoe If the 2016 presidential primaries have been united by one theme, it would be dissatisfaction with politics as usual. On both the Republican and Democratic sides, disillusioned voters have put their faith in perceived outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. And given that these candidates’ supporters aren’t party regulars, they’re learning […]

This report confirms that our national debt is unsustainable and politicians can no longer ignore it

Originally published at Rare In an election cycle dominated by talk of Donald Trump’s yuge wall, it seems the last thing on many voters’ minds is fiscal responsibility. Yet whether or not our national debt is at the forefront of political discussion, the federal gravy train chugs on and the consequences pile up. Unfortunately, the situation […]

After being “Against Trump,” this famous conservative magazine has made an endorsement

Originally published at Rare National Review made waves earlier this year when they dedicated an entire edition of their magazine to opposing the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Twenty-two conservative writers produced essays explaining why they are, as the issue was titled, “Against Trump.” This helped spark the #NeverTrump campaign, that has taken hold in […]