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Romney Shined – Will it Last?

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

I’ve shocked myself by feeling this way, but Mitt Romney has finally impressed me. As a Massachusetts native (and adopted Texan, thank God) I’ve been waiting a long time for my former Governor to fire me up. And I’ll admit – his debate performance Wednesday night actually got me excited. Romney looked presidential. Obama looked weak. Romney sounded authoritative, utilizing real facts, figures, and studies. Obama wavered and told irrelevant sob stories as a means to distract from reality. Anyone who watched could tell objectively, that Romney absolutely destroyed Obama. After all, the CNN poll wherein only 25% of viewers voted Obama the winner says it all.

While I was highly encouraged by Romney’s performance when it came to domestic and economic issues, I’m skeptical that this honeymoon will last. I say this is due to the fact that there is an upcoming foreign policy debate – and the way Romney has framed many aspects of this issue (particularly during his Republican National Convention speech) has made me cringe. Romney has unfortunately, made a habit of engaging in what Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) has brilliantly termed Military Keynesianism. 

Essentially, Mulvaney called out many of his Republican colleagues for treating the military as if it’s a jobs program, and not simply for defense purposes. As if somehow, because the military is the most important function of government, it’s impervious to the laws of economics. Military spending should unquestionably be our nation’s top priority – but acting as if using government money to pay for military activity is any more of an economically sound jobs program than an Obama style stimulus dig-holes-fill-holes program is to misunderstand how free markets function. Romney eloquently explained to the nation why Obama’s “trickle down government” policies have failed to grow the economy on the domestic front on Wednesday – so naturally, I worry when he doesn’t apply the same logic to government spending in other areas, which is what happened surrounding military spending during his RNC speech – and was even touched upon similarly in his closing statement on Wednesday.

And putting my own ideological tendencies aside for a moment, one of the things that actually impressed me about Romney’s debate performance was the fact that he came across as reasonable and NOT ideological. This is something that appeals to swing voters who want someone to get the job done. Presenting a fact-driven common sense approach is precisely how challengers win. Naturally, as a libertarian Republican who is supporting Romney and is invested in the future of the GOP, I hope that he performs similarly in the foreign policy debate. However, some of his comments make me worry that he’s being pushed in an ideologically neoconservative direction – which is interesting, because polling distinctly shows that voters are NOT on the same page.

As Scott Rasmussen notes in his extremely interesting piece on the views of Americans on military spending that is featured in the October 2012 issue of Reason Magazine: