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Democrats stayed up all night fighting to expand unconstitutional Bush-era powers

Originally published at Rare I’m months from my thirtieth year on this earth, and starting to feel old. Before you get offended by this, consider that when I was in college, Democrats were the anti-war party. I mean a let’s-reject-Hillary-for-Obama-because-he’s-anti-war kind of party. Code Pink was essentially mainstream on the left a decade ago. George […]

These are the only 3 Republicans in the House who voted to close Guantanamo Bay

Originally published at Rare Most Republicans oppose President Obama’s plan to close the Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba, where terrorists are often held indefinitely and without trials. But in a recent House vote, three Republicans—congressmen Mark Sanford, Justin Amash, and John Duncan—broke ranks and supported an amendment that would have shuttered the controversial holding facility. Sanford explained […]

The results of a new poll of Arab youth reveal a lot about our foreign policy

Originally published at Rare A survey by ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller that chronicles the views of men and women between the ages of 18-24 in 16 Middle Eastern and North African countries was recently released, and it contains an interesting common thread. In the countries where there’s been a great deal of military and political turmoil, youth […]

Is this American who joined ISIS now the best tool to stop others from being radicalized?

Originally published at Rare Believe it or not, nearly 500 Americans (that we know of) have left the country to fight with ISIS – the terror group responsible for the attacks in Paris and Brussels, along with countless other atrocities. It’s hard to imagine someone from the United States leaving to join such a radical […]

Donald Trump’s muddled foreign policy is not libertarian

Originally published at Rare As a libertarian Republican, I know how it feels to be outnumbered, especially in a post-Paul presidential primary. Saturday’s GOP debate brought that to light more than ever, featuring very little in the way of discussing limited government. Rand Paul always said that debt is the number one threat to our […]