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Democrats stayed up all night fighting to expand unconstitutional Bush-era powers

Originally published at Rare I’m months from my thirtieth year on this earth, and starting to feel old. Before you get offended by this, consider that when I was in college, Democrats were the anti-war party. I mean a let’s-reject-Hillary-for-Obama-because-he’s-anti-war kind of party. Code Pink was essentially mainstream on the left a decade ago. George […]

Bernie Sanders vs. The Superdelegates?

Originally published at EveryJoe If the 2016 presidential primaries have been united by one theme, it would be dissatisfaction with politics as usual. On both the Republican and Democratic sides, disillusioned voters have put their faith in perceived outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. And given that these candidates’ supporters aren’t party regulars, they’re learning […]

Sorry libertarians, Trump won’t “blow up the GOP,” he’ll just govern like a Democrat

Originally published at Rare There’s a theory floating around in understandably frustrated libertarian circles. Since Donald Trump is mounting what looks like a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, we should lend him our support even if we totally disagree with him, because the GOP deserves to be punished for decades of well-documented misdeeds. This […]

A federal judge just gave Hillary Clinton some really bad news

Originally published at Rare Voters already distrust Hillary Clinton. And given what just happened in a federal court, the former secretary of state isn’t likely to improve her standing anytime soon. The Obama State Department has conveniently delayed the release of controversial emails sent on Clinton’s private server. Now a federal judge is working to put […]

Obama’s State of Delusion

Originally published at Every Joe Two themes have permeated Obama’s presidency: Hope and cynicism. He famously invoked the former during his 2008 run that captured the imagination of an eager electorate. And when the realities of governing failed to match his lofty rhetoric, he has consistently blamed the latter; attributing it, of course, to his ideological […]