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Corie Whalen has been a dedicated liberty advocate for over a decade. At twenty, she got involved with Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in Boston, Massachusetts. Rising as a young activist, Corie was a lead organizer of the Boston Tea Party Freedom Rally, an event held at Faneuil Hall in conjunction with the original grassroots money bomb for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in December of 2007. This event featured future presidential candidate Rand Paul as a keynote speaker and helped lay the groundwork for his soon-to-be Senate race.

Continuing her activism, Corie became the President of the College Republicans at Simmons College and joined the Massachusetts Alliance of College Republicans’ board as the Director of the Conservative Women’s Caucus. In her senior year, Corie organized the Boston Tea Party Rally in April of 2009. Upon graduation, Corie joined the American Liberty Tour as a featured speaker for a coast-to-coast excursion that included dozens of rallies. Soon after, she became the National Secretary of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

In 2010, Corie accepted a job with American Majority and relocated to Houston, Texas. In that capacity, she trained hundreds of grassroots activists. The next year, Corie became Young Americans For Liberty’s South Central Regional Director, helping students organize on their campuses. She also worked as Political Director for the Alliance for Self-Governance, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring participation in primary elections. Corie formerly served on the board of the Houston Young Republicans as Outreach Director.

In 2013, Corie became the Spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, a youth advocacy organization dedicated to economic and personal freedom. In that role, Corie sounded the alarm on the reckless behavior of the Washington elite, speaking and writing about how too many of their unjust policies amount to generational theft. In 2015, Corie started her own firm, CW Consulting, specializing in political communications, outreach, and persuasion. Clients include candidates, non-profits, publications, and political action committees. She has been published at Forbes, Real Clear Policy, Townhall, Rare, and other outlets. Since August of 2016, Corie has been based in Washington, D.C. serving as Congressman Justin Amash’s communications director and is not presently publishing her own articles.

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  1. Mike Vaughn says:

    Corrie, I read your article about EXIM Bank and was glad to read the news. I have more to add to the story as I am the owner of a small business that purchased credit risk insurance from EXIM and went through the claims process only to be denied-EXIM deleted emails, lost files, etc. It involves China and aviation too. I am also on Sen. Paul’s National Finance Committee for President. He is not involved in my case at all. But he knows me. This is the first time I have ever shared my situation with a “reporter”. I can be reached by email first, then possibly we could talk. You are in Houston. I grew up in Brazoria county, same as Randy. So, maybe I’ll come to the Lake Jackson fund raiser in July and we could meet. Thanks, Mike

  2. Constantin says:

    Hi Corrie,
    I spoke with you briefly after Mises Circle in Houston.
    Can you send me e-mail. I want to ask you about something.


  3. Ken Webster says:

    I saw you speak at the Mises Circle in Houston a while back and you were great. I host a political talk radio show on KPRC in Houston. Any interest in doing an interview?

  4. Brent Brooks says:

    I loved your appearance on the radio with Ken Webster. I am now a huge fan of yours. As a libertarian teacher I definitely feel out of place in thepublic education system. Looking forward to more words of wisdom from you.

  5. Corrie,

    I heard you on the Matt Patrick show. I think you would have interest in our Texas-based mission called AmericaAgain! (as should any true constitutionalist). See our 3-min video here:


    And this 12-min video explains our short-term action plan in the state legislatures:


    You have an interesting political background. I was a registered Republican for a few decades, until I studied American history in more depth and realized that the GOP, from inception, was the party of the mercantilist monsters that developed DC organized crime.

    With the real possibility of a President Trump looming, I think it is high time for a critical mass, at least, of Americans to learn basic civics: what the US Constitution is, who the parties to the law are, and the fact that We The People (even half of 1% would be a surfeit, operationally) are the ONLY authority *over* that law, to enforce it through our existing State courts — which are *higher* authority than federal courts, in all cases in which federal actors violate it.

    Read my latest book, ‘Fear The People’, available in a free PDF download here:


    When we get 27 more state legislatures to finish ratifying the original First Amendment — the first right in our original Bill of Rights — we will have very small, compact House districts. Apportioned representation was a critical aspect of the design of the Constitution. Once We The People bring Congress home to become the first distributed, telepresence-mediated legislature in history, with no district over 50,000 people — we break the 150-year-old stranglehold of D.C. organized crime.

    Take a look. Then, spread the word, Corie.

    Grace and Peace.

    D.M. Zuniga
    Founder & CEO, AmericaAgain!

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