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Democrats stayed up all night fighting to expand unconstitutional Bush-era powers

Originally published at Rare I’m months from my thirtieth year on this earth, and starting to feel old. Before you get offended by this, consider that when I was in college, Democrats were the anti-war party. I mean a let’s-reject-Hillary-for-Obama-because-he’s-anti-war kind of party. Code Pink was essentially mainstream on the left a decade ago. George […]

Gay groups and gun advocates are teaming up across America to promote LGBT self-defense

Originally published at Rare While Senate Democrats filibustered in an effort to pass gun control legislation (the specifics of which wouldn’t have stopped the Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen), some LGBT community members are doing the opposite of what so many politicians now demand: Gay men and women are arming themselves. In Las Vegas, Nevada, several […]

Rand Paul wants to end the draft as a tribute to Muhammad Ali

Originally published at Rare The death of Muhammad Ali has reignited a debate about the outspoken athlete’s legacy, particularly his famous refusal to be drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. Now, Rand Paul is getting in on the discussion. Paul recently introduced an amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization Act that would end […]