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Rand Paul is working to end the draft—among other things libertarians will love

Originally published at Rare Rand Paul’s 2016 presidential race may be a historical footnote, but the senator libertarians know and love is back at it as Congress works through its annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is passed yearly to allocate defense spending. As civil liberties advocates will recall, the NDAA was controversially used […]

These are the only 3 Republicans in the House who voted to close Guantanamo Bay

Originally published at Rare Most Republicans oppose President Obama’s plan to close the Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba, where terrorists are often held indefinitely and without trials. But in a recent House vote, three Republicans—congressmen Mark Sanford, Justin Amash, and John Duncan—broke ranks and supported an amendment that would have shuttered the controversial holding facility. Sanford explained […]

Now that the supposedly tech-friendly Austin has banned Uber, what comes next?

Originally published at Rare Austin, Texas is a youthful, entrepreneurial city, known for its tech startups, food trucks, and innovation. Although a liberal bastion, it still isn’t the type of place you’d expect residents to reject technological advancements. Yet recently, Austin voters rejected an arguably misleading ridesharing proposition that claimed its aim was to enhance […]

Hey small business owners, the IRS just hired 700 new agents to come after you

Originally published at Rare Bad news for those of us who think we spend the money we’ve earned more efficiently than government bureaucrats can: the IRS is about to hire several hundred new “enforcement workers.” And the news is even worse if you’re a self-employed small business owner – these “agents” are allocated for you! […]

With Trump as the GOP nominee, some Republicans are looking to the Libertarian Party

Originally published at Rare After Trump’s win in Tuesday’s Republican primary, it became clear that there was no path to victory for the two remaining candidates. Ted Cruz dropped out that evening, and it was announced that John Kasich would suspend his campaign the following afternoon. In the wake of Trump’s final ascent, interest in […]