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Poll shows American voters are done trying to bring democracy to the Middle East

Originally published at Rare A poll released by Rasmussen this week indicates that likely American voters are wary of projects to spread democracy in the Middle East. “Only 28% of likely U.S. voters think the United States should do more to encourage the growth of democracy in the Islamic world,” reports Rasmussen. Further, “Fifty-eight percent…say the United […]

America’s Opioid Crisis is Finally Being Addressed, But Some Communities Feel Rightfully Slighted

Originally published at EveryJoe The long-brewing American opioid abuse crisis has reached epidemic levels. 2014 saw 29,000 opioid related deaths, the highest on record. And in 2013, drug overdoses were the leading cause of death in the United States. This issue stems in part from increased societal dependence on prescription painkillers, which if unchecked, can […]

A heartwarming new approach to helping veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress

Originally published at Rare Cole Lyle is a 26-year-old veteran of the War in Afghanistan. Upon returning home to Texas, he faced what so many of his fellow soldiers contend with: Unrelenting bouts of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTS) that upended the life he’d known before his deployment. Burdened with the weight of carrying his […]

After being “Against Trump,” this famous conservative magazine has made an endorsement

Originally published at Rare National Review made waves earlier this year when they dedicated an entire edition of their magazine to opposing the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Twenty-two conservative writers produced essays explaining why they are, as the issue was titled, “Against Trump.” This helped spark the #NeverTrump campaign, that has taken hold in […]

How Rand Paul plans to stop the sale of U.S. weapons to Pakistan

Originally published at Rare Senator Rand Paul is about to introduce a creative resolution that would halt U.S. arms sales to the government of Pakistan. “This power hasn’t been used since the Reagan administration,” Paul told Rare, citing a 1986 push to stop arms salesto Saudi Arabia. Sen. Paul said it’s dangerous for the U.S. government to […]