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If you film the cops silently, it’s apparently not “protected speech”

Originally published at Rare Something bizarre happened in a Pennsylvania district court last week, with Judge Mark Kearney ruling that filming the cops is illegal… if you stay silent. As Bonnie Kristian noted at The Week: [A] Pennsylvania district court judge ruled against two people who were arrested while attempting to record police activity. One […]

Rare Exclusive: Would Justin Amash run for president?

Originally published at Rare Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) is considered the most high profile libertarian Republican in Congress after Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), making national waves with his staunch opposition to the National Security Agency’s controversial metadata collection program. Along with libertarian firebrand Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), Amash is one of two congressmen who are generally […]

Rubio and Cruz Finally United Against Trump, But is it Too Late To Matter?

Originally published at Every Joe The last Republican debate before Super Tuesday was one of the most explosive yet. It managed to draw 14.5 million viewers, the biggest audience since December according to CNN Money. Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz took the fight to Donald Trump in a major way, but it was Rubio […]

If Trump is Unstoppable, What Happens Next?

Originally published at Every Joe It’s time for Republicans to dispense with the wishful thinking. For all the hype about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, for all the breathless calls to narrow the field, Super Tuesday is in less than a week and Donald Trump is dominant. He has won three out of the four […]

Ron Paul says he would never support Donald Trump

Originally published at Rare Ron Paul appeared on CNBC on Wednesday after Donald Trump’s Nevada Caucus victory, where he told “Squawk Box” viewers that he could never support the current Republican frontrunner. Libertarian icon Paul said he believes Trump is tapping into voters’ fears, similar to what he says Bernie Sanders is doing on the […]