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Two paths for conservatism: Trump’s nostalgia versus Rubio’s optimism

Originally published at Every Joe Politics is a multifaceted business. To those interested in policy-making, the often vapid marketing central to campaigning can grow tiresome. Nevertheless, politicians have to capture the imagination of voters through soundbites and slogans that leave little room for in-depth issue analysis. The truth is, average political observers have short attention […]

Rand Paul “appalled” to learn NSA spies on congressmen and U.S. allies

Originally published at Rare Senator Rand Paul joined “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday to comment on a shocking revelation that details the extent of NSA spying on both foreign U.S. allies and members of Congress. After a Wall Street Journal expose revealed this week how the White House used the NSA to spy on Israeli […]

Congressman Justin Amash reveals his pro-liberty New Year’s resolution

Originally published at Rare Congress continues to prove it won’t change its ways as 2015 comes to a close. The week before Christmas, congressional leaders struck a deal with President Obama to pass a catch-all omnibus bill, adding $1.8 trillion to the already burgeoning $18 trillion national debt before everyone went home for the holidays. […]

This Christmas, open your heart to all victims of terrorism

Originally published at Every Joe Christmas is just days away. For most families, holiday travel can be stressful, but it’s rarely life-threatening. In some parts of the world however, getting home for Christmas is more complicated than a TSA patdown followed by a cramped plane ride. In Kenya, an east African country besieged by terrorist […]

Ted Cruz’s Delicate Balancing Act

Originally published at Every Joe Ted Cruz is rising. Going into the last Republican debate, in which he was undoubtedly a star, he garnered solid numbers. He’s now beating Trump in Iowa while moving up nationally. Ever since his race for Senate, of which I was an early backer, Cruz has skillfully walked the thin […]