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You won’t be surprised by which presidential candidate Americans think would ruin Thanksgiving

Originally published at Rare Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling has released a light-hearted survey that asked Americans several holiday-themed questions—including which presidential candidate would be most likely to mess up everyone’s Thanksgiving. “Donald Trump leads PPP’s newest poll by a wide margin,” said a statement on PPP’s website, “…on which candidate Americans think would be the […]

Let’s Get Past the Refugee Rhetoric and Look at the Facts

Originally published at Every Joe The flame wars of this past week lend themselves to the assertion that nothing kills civility like the confluence of terrorism and immigration. The level of hysterical shrieking and moral posturing on all sides of the debate around how to treat refugees in the wake of mounting concerns about terrorism […]

Rand Paul says we shouldn’t allow new refugees until we figure out who is already here

Originally published at Rare In the wake of terror attacks in Paris that have Americans concerned about their own security, Rand Paul has proposed two legislative fixes. On a call with reporters Thursday, Senator Paul explained that he’s focused on pushing measures that will help allay fears and keep us, as he put it “safe […]

Tom Cotton uses the Paris attacks to try to strengthen the NSA

Originally published at Rare Senator Tom Cotton, Republican senator from Arkansas, is one of the most hawkish members of Congress. True to form, he’s now trying to capitalize on the Paris terror attacks by introducing a bill that would delay reforms to the NSA’s metadata collection program. Those reforms were ushered in by the passage of the USA […]

The hacker group Anonymous is getting ready to stick it to ISIS

Originally published at Rare The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has “declared war” on ISIS in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris. The organization, which uses hacking as a means to cause disruption against organizations or individuals it opposes, released a video of a man speaking about “Operation Paris” in a French accent. As is standard of Anonymous, […]