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The latest Republican debate marked the end of the Bush dynasty

Originally published at Every Joe Put a fork in him: Jeb Bush is done. And the death blow was dealt by the man once considered his protégé, the junior Senator from his home state, Marco Rubio. As I wrote last week, Rubio is blessed with raw political talent. He’s authentic, tough when he has to […]

Marco Rubio’s push to ban online gambling reeks of cronyism

Originally published at Rare Marco Rubio has seen a slight boost in the presidential polls recently, leading or tying Jeb Bush in several key states. The senator is increasingly seen as a potential consensus candidate for Republican establishment forces to unite around if Bush continues to fail in his attempt at pushing Trump and Carson […]

Jeb Bush is an unconvincing spokesperson against crony capitalism

Originally published at Rare At the Washington Examiner, Jeb Bush recently penned an op-ed titled, “As president, I’ll end crony capitalism.” Bush said he’d end corporate welfare, do away with tax breaks for the energy industry, rewrite the tax code in a manner that will get rid of unfair loopholes, and promised to eliminate burdensome regulations […]

Is Marco Rubio ready for his moment?

Originally published at Every Joe  Marco Rubio is impressive. He exudes charisma, has a strong grasp of policy, performs well on the debate stage, and is the type of fresh-face the GOP needs from a public relations standpoint. This isn’t to say that I particularly like Rubio. As a libertarian Republican, I’m unimpressed with his […]

ObamaCare is imploding and no one seems to have noticed

Originally published at Rare Remember when grassroots conservatives were fired up about fighting ObamaCare? Despite some repeal battles still being bandied about in Congress, ObamaCare does not seem to be defining the Republican primary in the way that it dominated the discourse during the 2010 tea party sweep of the House and the 2014 GOP […]