Jeb Bush spoke Spanish at the border and this was Donald Trump’s insane reaction

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Real estate mogul Donald Trump has more than just a background in politician-buying and crony business dealings. His signature crassness and apparent acting skills have made him a star not just in reality television, but even pro-wrestling.

Trump has since taken his show on the road in a political context, adding a special splash of personality to the presidential race with his unfettered use of social media.

After the first Republican debate, Trump endorsed using the word “bimbo” to describe Fox News host Megyn Kelly. He responded in this fashion because she dared to ask him a tough question about, of all things, his penchant for insulting women.

Ever one to interact with his fans and hurl insults, Trump has managed to outdo himself yet again. In response to Jeb Bush’s recent trip to the border, during which he spoke Spanish (his wife’s native language) Trump retweeted the following.

Earth to Trump: “Mexican” isn’t a language. The fact that this needs to be said is concerning.

For a man who claims he’s going to magically make the Mexican government pay for a border wall, Trump is apparently, dangerously unfamiliar with the country’s culture. Not only does he manage to bring out the worst in his fans, Trump consistently doubles down and promotes abject ignorance.

Increasingly, it feels as though Trump’s presidential candidacy is an extended Saturday Night Live skit. Or perhaps an episode of South Park.

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