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Rand Paul just promised to shut down this major NSA facility

Originally published at Rare Senator Rand Paul has made a name for himself as one of the few Republicans willing to rail against the surveillance state. He’s worked closely with a similar-minded colleague on the other side of the aisle, Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), to end the bulk collection of metadata and reform other NSA practices. Paul […]

Sheldon Adelson says he wants to ban online gambling to protect the underage–but do they play in his casinos?

Originally published at Rare Sheldon Adelson, the man behind the iconic Las Vegas Venetian and Palazzo hotels, is the eighth richest man in America–worth $25 billion–and has no doubt profited handsomely from the gaming industry. He’s also one of the country’s most outspoken opponents of online gambling. Adelson has backed an anti-online gaming bill entitled the Restore […]

This city is winning the War on Drugs by laying down its weapons

Originally published at Every Joe Gloucester, Massachusetts is quintessentially New England. A seacoast town that survives on its working class ethic and seasonal tourism, it has come face-to-face with an epidemic that many cities just like it increasingly contend with: death by heroin overdose. Unfortunately, Gloucester isn’t alone in dealing with a tragic increase in […]

In key election states, Republican voters support allowing states to legalize marijuana

Originally published at Rare It used to be conventional wisdom among Republicans–particularly those running for president–that being for the war on drugs is a must. With some states now legalizing medicinal or even recreational marijuana, overall public opinion has shifted. But recent polling shows just how much Republicans have evolved on this issue. Christopher Ingraham […]

Jeb Bush spoke Spanish at the border and this was Donald Trump’s insane reaction

Originally published at Rare Real estate mogul Donald Trump has more than just a background in politician-buying and crony business dealings. His signature crassness and apparent acting skills have made him a star not just in reality television, but even pro-wrestling. Trump has since taken his show on the road in a political context, adding […]