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Dick Durbin’s Ridiculous Race Baiting

Dick Durbin ought to be ashamed of himself for this disgusting display of race baiting. Via Politico: “On Wednesday morning, the No. 2 Senate Democrat accused Republicans of putting the African-American nominee for attorney general in ‘the back of the bus.’ Hours later, Tim Scott, the Senate’s only African-American Republican, shot back that Democrats are […]

Elizabeth Warren is a Hypocrite

Via the Washington Times: “More than two dozen Democratic power brokers in a key early primary state are pleading with Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for the Democratic presidential nomination against scandal-scarred Hillary Clinton. Twenty-seven current and former state lawmakers in New Hampshire have signed onto a letter urging Sen. Warren of Massachusetts to run […]

Markets in Everything

Below are the remarks I delivered to the Republican Liberty Caucus of Minnesota’s State Convention on March 14th. As libertarian-conservatives, we understand the value of market incentives. We know that companies respond to consumer demand, and measure their success through profits. There are markets in everything, including politics (despite the bias elected officials seem to have […]