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Disillusioned Millennials Could Make the Difference on Election Day

Originally published at The Daily Caller It’s time for politicians who have taken advantage of young Americans to face the facts: We’re pretty much over you. Talk to most twenty-somethings, and you’ll likely hear that whatever enthusiasm we had for President Obama has waned substantially – to the point where a solid majority of us disapprove […]

The Antidote for Income Inequality is Economic Opportunity

Originally published at Townhall Recently, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the worrisome and widening gap between America’s rich and poor. Policymakers ought to pay attention, because the circumstances are in fact tragic. Our nation’s youth are plagued by a 14.9 percent unemployment rate. The middle class is struggling to stay afloat. Average […]

Wendy Davis Went Too Far

It takes a lot to rile me. I work in politics, so I tire quickly of people peddling the latest outrage. I often find myself ignoring the things everyone’s talking about when I think they’re stupid. However, I’m genuinely disgusted with both Wendy Davis and Battleground Texas right now. The latest ad released by her […]