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Obamacare’s War on Women’s Health

Originally posted at The Daily Caller Brace yourselves — it’s National Women’s Health Week! I hope you’ve been watching the Washington elite extoll Obamacare’s alleged virtues to mark the occasion. As they congratulate themselves, they’ll surely ignore how condescending it is to equate female empowerment to government dependency. Expect them to also gloss over the fact […]

The Texas GOP’s Lieutenant Governor Runoff Race

The runoff between Dan Patrick and David Dewhurst, the two remaining GOP Lieutenant Governor candidates in Texas is May 27th. Neither choice is ideal, and both are running what, in my opinion, are lackluster campaigns. Nevertheless, liberty-minded Republicans (including my original choice for Lt. Governor Jerry Patterson) are leaning toward  the current Lt. Governor, David […]

Google Hangout with Senator Rand Paul

I recently sat down with Generation Opportunity’s President Evan Feinberg and Senator Rand Paul at Google’s headquarters in Washington DC to discuss electronic privacy reform and how we can protect the Fourth Amendment. Tweet