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17 Trillion Reasons Not to Trust Congress

Originally posted at the Coalition to Reduce Spending “The American people don’t trust Congress or either party, and we’ve given them at least 17 trillion reasons not to.”  –  Senator Mike Lee For deficit hawks, recent events on the Senate floor have been of the high drama variety. As is typical in Washington, senior lawmakers […]

Fairness? What Fairness?

Originally posted at the Coalition to Reduce Spending Much of the justification for various federal programs amounts to a notion of fairness. Understandably, people look to the government and its seemingly endless cash flow, and pitch their various ideas to politicians. Naturally, given the revolving door habits of DC, some things get funded for political […]

Top Ten Little Known Billy Joel Songs

I’ve never posted about anything non-political at this blog, but there’s a first time for everything. Today is my favorite artist, Billy Joel’s, 64th birthday. In honor of this occasion, here are my top ten favorite Billy Joel songs you probably don’t know, but should. I’m sorry, but the fact that “Uptown Girl” is more […]