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Are Politicians Being Honest About Military Spending Cuts?

Originally posted at the Coalition to Reduce Spending (Note: I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Coalition to Reduce Spending) If you turn on cable news these days, it’s likely that you’ll be bombarded by talk coming from all sides of the political aisle about “devastating cuts” to whichever government program […]

Government Spending is Fundamentally Unsustainable

I hosted an episode of “Public Affairs, Public Access” a Houston Cable Access program, on behalf of the Coalition to Reduce Spending. I joined Felicia Cravens of the Houston Tea Party Society to discuss the pervasive problems with government spending money it simply doesn’t have. Tweet

A Tale of Two Paul Ryans

Originally posted at United Liberty As a libertarian, I approve of Mitt Romney’s vice presidential choice. Naturally, I expect this statement to inflame a certain subset of the movement – but to those of you who are invested in mainstreaming libertarian thought, particularly within the Republican Party, I hope you’ll consider why the Ryan pick […]