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Is Your Congressman Serious About Spending Cuts?

Originally posted at the Coalition to Reduce Spending (Note: I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Coalition to Reduce Spending) The Club For Growth, one of the nation’s premier free market advocacy organizations, has recently announced a new project that we think is extremely worthwhile. While the Club is most well […]

The Liberty Split

  I’ve long predicted that when Ron Paul retired we’d see a massive split within the liberty movement. That time has arrived, and it’s been further compounded by Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney; a move that was necessary to legitimize his liberty faction and create a position of power for our views within the GOP. […]

Wisconsin and the Left’s Beclownment

Originally posted at Misfit Politics This week, there will be no shortage of commentary on the Wisconsin recall election. Depending on whom you talk to, Governor Walker’s triumph is either a win for Romney, or it means nothing for the Massachusetts Governor. Or, of course, if you’re Lawrence O’Donnell, it’s a victory for Barack Obama. […]