Today across the entire nation at noon local time, countless Americans gathered to protest the Obama administration’s war on religious freedom. While I hold a rather secular view of politics and am personally indifferent to the matter of contraception, I take issue with the federal government violating anyone’s first amendment rights.

My friend Kevin Williams, a devout Catholic and fellow tea party activist, organized Houston’s Rally for Religious Freedom, and was able to get over 1,200 people out to downtown Houston on a gorgeous Friday afternoon. I was pleased to be one of the speakers, and it was great to address a crowd I might not normally find myself in. However, when one individual’s rights are violated, we’re all impacted.

Despite the media’s framing, the issue at hand isn’t about the merits of contraception or the false notion that conservatives are trying to ban it (Griswold v. Connecticut assured that such a thing won’t ever happen, and no serious conservatives are pursuing that) – the matter is about the basic constitutional right to a freedom of conscience. I addressed all of these issues and more in my speech (ignore the craziness surrounding the helicopter at the beginning!)

(Thanks to my friend Joshua Esteban Parker for filming).