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Post-ObamaCare: Have Republicans Learned Their Lesson?

Originally posted at the Republican Liberty Caucus Given that the third and final day of ObamaCare Supreme Court oral arguments are now complete, I’d like to focus more on the political implications of what has occurred thus far rather than spending time analyzing the details of the case, which several others have done with far […]

ObamaCare at the SCOTUS, Day 2

Well, well. It certainly looks like ObamaCare underwent quite a critical analysis today in the Supreme Court. Listening to Solicitor General Donald Verrelli bend logic to defend this constitutionally questionable piece of legislation was interesting to say the least, and certainly, one of the more important aspects was the reactions from Justice Kennedy, who is […]

ObamaCare at the SCOTUS, Day One

As anyone who pays even a remote bit of attention to politics knows, the first oral arguments surrounding ObamaCare (Florida v. HHS) were heard in the Supreme Court today. As a result, I wanted to put together a brief summary of what’s at stake. There’s no doubt that the ruling in this case will set […]

Rally For Religious Freedom

Today across the entire nation at noon local time, countless Americans gathered to protest the Obama administration’s war on religious freedom. While I hold a rather secular view of politics and am personally indifferent to the matter of contraception, I take issue with the federal government violating anyone’s first amendment rights. My friend Kevin Williams, […]