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Oppose Bush Tax Cuts? Return To Clinton Spending

Originally published at My Twitter friend @keder posted something last week that struck me: “Washington is not suffering from a ‘revenue problem.’ This year, Washington will collect $400 billion more than it spent in the year 2000.” I replied and thanked him for tweeting that figure, because it reminded me of how utterly contradictory liberals […]

Regulators Called Out By Congress Over Boeing Bullying

Originally published at Thursday, September 15th, on the heels of a several months long dispute between the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Boeing, the House passed a bill that aims to limit the NLRB’s overreaching authority. The NLRB has charged Boeing with “anti-union” sentiments for building a new plant in South Carolina as […]

Class Warfare vs. Job Creation

Originally published at the US Daily Review To be blunt, the employment numbers released by the Labor Department today are absolutely dismal. As the Washington Post reported: “The Labor Department on Friday reported zero net job creation in August, far worse than the 68,000 net jobs analysts had expected to be added. The unemployment rate was unchanged at […]