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PATRIOT Act Perils Cause Conservative Confusion

Originally published at We’re in danger when the conservative instinct to defend law and order …  defies law and order. Conservatives often talk about the Constitution and the importance of defending our founding charter. After all, without a strong rule of law, we could never have the kind of society worthy of conservative standards […]

The Lost Ethic of Social Conservatism

(Published at The Daily Caller, but edited heavily. This is the original.) I’m an advocate of separating church and state, not because I necessarily worry the latter might suppress the former – but to protect the integrity of the church and related institutions in the face of federal encroachment. Unfortunately however, the buzz phrase “separation […]

RLC Endorsed Phil Moffett Falls Short in Kentucky

Originally published at In Kentucky’s Republican gubernatorial primary, RLC endorsed insurgent candidate Phil Moffett, despite performing better than expected, wasn’t able to beat his establishment opponent, State Senate President, David Williams. Upon first glance at the results with 70% of precincts reporting and Moffett down by about 7%, I was wondering where the vaunted […]