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Boston Post Party Summit

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

(Cross-posted at Red Mass Group)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to provide you with information about the upcoming “Post Party Summit” activist training at the Fercroft Sheraton in Danvers, May 7th – 8th. The event in our area is one in a series of many being held nationwide. Local talk radio favorites Michael Graham and Todd Feinburg will be joined by conservative commentator and author S.E. Cupp as the summit’s featured speakers. Here’s what the group primarily responsible for these summits, American Majority, has to say:

Government Has Failed You.

We are in a fascinating time. One in which rising deficits, bigger government, and the threat of new taxation when there is clearly no representation threaten to divide and ruin our country. Yet, these injustices have fueled a revival of the new conservative movement. Millions of Americans are engaging in the political process for the first time, brought to protest over the injustices in government at all levels. While protests bring us together in passion, they are not a strategy for meaningful reform. Let us take the next step together.

Now Is Your Time.

The Post-Party Summits represent the beginning of the new American Revolution, one in which we organize for liberty and take back our communities from the political class. Each event is designed to maximize your time and provide you with real-world strategies and tactics that you can apply immediately. We have brought together some of the country’s best in messaging, political organizing, leadership training, new media, etc. to offer each of you the opportunity to move beyond protest to implementing freedom. Now is your time, what will you do with it?”


The Political Implications of Arizona’s Immigration Bill

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Note: I wrote the majority of this post last night around 2AM on my iPhone while I was in bed. Then, this afternoon I saw the following tweet from Fox News:

Rallying Cry: Dems using Arizona immigration law to drum up support for federal action

The concern seemed fairly obvious to me – but appeared to be lost on many conservatives, which I found disappointing.

Anyway, without further adieu – the actual post:


My rather libertarian concerns about Arizona’s recently passed immigration bill potentially creating police state conditions aside, I have some pretty major, and I fear legitimate, concerns about the bill’s national political implications on both the federal amnesty agenda and the conservative 10th amendment movement.

A lot of conservatives are excited about this bill – and on the surface I can understand why; the claim is that finally, the problem of illegal immigration will be curbed in Arizona, because the laws will actually be enforced. (Sidenote: Endless enforcement of bad laws that don’t address the actual issue won’t help a thing. The root of the problem is the language in the 14th amendment that creates the incentive to have “anchor babies”- but that’s an entirely different discussion).

While I agree that illegal immigration is a problem and that laws, insofar as they exist, should be enforced (or changed), I don’t think it’s worth creating a police state that has the potential to result in more lawsuits than meaningful deportations – or arrests; (in which case don’t bother; they should be sent back to their home country, not be allowed to live off US taxpayer’s money). I fear that conservatives; desperate for any perceived “crackdown” on illegals, are willing to support any measure that claims to do so without thinking through the logical (or for that matter, political) implications of the policy.

…. But, like I said, the political implications are what I want to discuss, and I believe they are twofold: