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The Logical Fallacy of Ad Hominem Attacks and Reversing Cause and Effect

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

My very liberal friend sent me a clip from a Rachel Maddow segment

And this was my response:

CONGRATS, Rachel, for noting the obvious – that when there is political activity of any kind, monied interests are there, waiting to take advantage.

Because there is dissent and people are expressing it, the usual suspects want a piece of the pie. How is that shocking? It certainly doesn’t mean that the anger isn’t real. I know for certain that it is, despite the fact that apparently, the individuals who are behind these corporate interests feel the same way (as if the two are mutually exclusive). What I see in someone like Rachel Maddow is a person who doesn’t like the message, intentionally distorting cause and effect in an attempt to discredit the movement because she finds it philosophically threatening.

Personally, I think that’s an intellectually dishonest move, and a cop out. Debate the merits of your own views instead of attempting to “expose” the fact that certain corporations and/or political parties have an interest in tapping into the very real anger that exists regarding the federal government’s rapid attempt to socialize our nation’s health care industry. OF COURSE they do – that doesn’t mean the real grassroots anger that they have an interest in is manufactured!

Furthermore, it’s rather ironic that Rachel is out there “exposing” the monied interests when Big Pharmaceutical companies are paying for the pro-government health care ads that air during the commercials on her show. When government grows, the game changes from the monied interests operating in a free market where to survive, they must provide services that individuals are willing to pay for; that’s called peaceful competition. Given the way things are headed now, the evil monied interests that you hate so much will simply lobby the government for taxpayer money instead, where the Congress and the President pick and choose winners instead of the people. Welcome to Bailout Nation.

What this comes down to, as it always does, is our diametrically opposed views of good versus evil. You see corporations and “monied interests” as evil, whereas I see the government and concentrated power as evil. In fact, I see the government as evil because like you, I recognize that corporations and monied interests have one thing in mind: profit. The difference is that in a socialist system, they will lobby the government for taxpayer money and Our Glorious Leader(s) will pick and choose winners, whereas in a free market, the people pick and choose who survives based on which company has the best products and services.

By the way, an additional comment about the Recess Rallies against the health care bill.

While the rallies are apparently supported by a variety of “evil” interests, the true fact of the matter is that each and every rally is organized by local, individual people.

I emailed the American Liberty Alliance and became the Massachusetts State Coordinator for the rallies, and have had, get this, AVERAGE AMERICANS emailing me, asking how they can organize rallies in their Congressional districts. For example, this email:


I would like to attend a recess rally at Barney Frank’s office on August 22nd because I am sick to my stomache at the growing size and power of our government and it’s growing control over our lives. Now they want to control everyone’s healthcare? I say enough is enough.

There is an office in Taunton near where I live in Norton. Has anyone else shown interest in this location? Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
Janine Izzo