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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Although I’m clearly no advocate of his, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe there was some truth to Obama’s ‘change’ rhetoric – at least in the realm of foreign policy in that neoconservative ideology would be ousted. Not so surprisingly, given the nature of politics and the games you’ve gotta play to get to the top, we will, for the most part, see a continuation in the foreign policy status quo.

Philip Giraldi writing for The American Conservative explains the situation quite eloquently in his post entitled Democracy On The March, Again!

Hopefully the anti-war liberals will begin to recognize that neoconservatism is fluid; that it doesn’t belong to the Republican party any more than it does to the Democrats. It’s simply a policy of those who have managed to retain power in DC for some time now. Obama offers very little change in the way of our international policies. We can only hope that the world continues to be fascinated by the God status liberals have bestowed upon him, and that America can ride on the coattails of that for awhile …. When the rest of the world sees no change in our substantive policies, however, I can’t say that I’ll be expecting a big turnaround from the point we’re at now.